10 November 2022
MTRE3 Facilitation for Policy Support for the RE Sector and Energy Conservation in Local Government
Jakarta, 10 November 2022 – The virtual talk show “MTRE3 Facilitation on Support for Sector Poli...
28 July 2022
MTRE3 Project Holds Project Board Meeting in an Effort to Strengthen Implementation Strategy in the
28 January 2021
CLEWS: Integrated Climate Change Mitigation Planning
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions are an aspect that generally comes to mind when we talk about climate...
16 December 2020
MTRE3 Project Board Meeting: Multi-stakeholder Synergy for Project Evaluation and Planning
Sustainable development is development that involves stakeholders at the planning, implementation an...
04 December 2020
Strengthening the Capacity for Science-based Planning in Selecting Cost-effective Clean Energy in In
Covid-19 brings impact in crucial aspects of humanity such as health, societies and economies, inclu...

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